The Story

Since 1996, Motor Folios have helped to catalogue the documentation of thousands of cherished cars, providing owners, collectors and enthusiasts with the perfect complement to their pride and joy.

Handwritten notes about ownership, restoration, completed works, events attended, well-presented photos and magazine articles, etc., are indicative of the kind of special care and attention for a vehicle that can increase its value for future sales.



The Body

If your car’s documentation is the wood veneered dashboard and plush leather seating, our Motor Folios are the LeBaron bodies.

Available in four elegant colours, with matching suede effect lining and nickel corners, our hand finished bonded leather Motor Folios combine luxury with practicality, while enhancing the value of your car and the enjoyment of ownership.

So, why leave your car’s documents to gather dust and creased corners, when you can keep them organised and
up-to-date in a personalised leather binder?


The Mechanics

Each Motor Folio contains 12 record sheets, providing a template for handwritten notes about the following items:

· Vehicle specification

· Vehicle documentation

· Service history

· Body service history

· Vehicle restoration

· Technical data

· Reference texts

· Vehicle specialists

These sheets are housed in 6 PVC sleeves, while 2 double A5 heavy-duty wallets and 2 heavy-duty A4 wallets provide additional space to store log books, MOT certificates and receipts.

A sleek branded 32MB USB accompanies each Folio, containing editable copies of the sheets, so they can be reprinted.


The Modifications

Tailor your Motor Folio to your needs with additional wallets for further storage, 10-part frosted polypropylene dividers to help catalogue documents, additional USBs and additional plates, which can be engraved to include radio codes or security codes, etc.


The Drivers

Dealers – Go the extra mile for your customers by presenting them with a Motor Folio, as well as the keys, reinforcing your brand to the customer and increasing referrals.

Auctioneers – Add to the prestige of your auctioneering event with a Motor Folio, ensuring a level of customer service that goes beyond the hammer.

Restorers – Showcase your pride in your projects with our Motor Folios, telling the story of the restoration process and providing an invaluable reference point for any future works.

Enthusiasts – Indulge your passion for your car by cataloguing its paperwork and recording its history, while increasing the value of the vehicle and the pride of ownership.